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Brhombicosidodecahedron consists of a group of historians, computer scientists and entrepreneurs, who formed a business partnership focusing on the missing pages of history, specifically African history.

This was done in an effort to restore and preserve this information for current and future generations in a format that is easily accessible, yet also provides an environment that creates interest in future technologies that will be needed if we are going to be involved in securing the future. In the future, “DATA WILL BE KING.”


The missing history of African people is the key to everything our civilization is based upon. Let us understand one thing clearly. No one would take the time and resources to omit and alter your history from all educational, religious and other places of learning if it wasn’t valuable.

We’re all about restoring the hidden and missing information which for over 2000 years has been unavailable.

Enjoy the documentaries, interviews, exclusives and missing pieces of African and African American history, as told by some of our greatest scholars.

Featured Presentations

Video Presentation by Brhombic occurred Tuesday, March 7th.

The Great Year

Great Pyramid K 2019

(runtime 3:37:20)

Featured Scholar: Jordan Maxwell

The Secrets of Egypt 

History of the Free Masonic Order and the New World Order

Jordan Maxwell Sheds Light on the Real World

An Intimate Sharing

Keys to Understanding Hidden Symbols in the Bible

Other Suggested Videos

These videos are not directly available through our site, but are still suggested viewing. Links to the video locations will be provided when possible.

Featured Scholar: Dr. John Henrik Clarke

The Impact of Zionism (1993)

On African Origin of Christianity 

Ancient Africa's Golden Times

The Rise of Islam in Africa

The Zulus and Their Struggle for Southern Africa

The Main Thing Africans Lost During Slavery

Interview by Tony Brown

Black History: An Afrocentric View

Featured Scholar: Ivan Van Sertima

Africans in Science

Egypt Revisited

The Obliteration of the Columbus Myth

Little Known African Achievements

Ancient High Science, The Golden Age

African History in America before Columbus

They Came Before Columbus

Featured Scholar: Runoko Rashidi

Hapi and Runoko Rashidi: Presence in Ancient America

Hapi and Runoko Rashidi: Presence in Early Europe

African Presence in Latin America

African Presence in Early Europe and Asia

The African Foundations of Civilization

Culture Connection 2015

Featured Scholar: Dr. Yosef A. A. Ben-Jochannan

The Craft

The Egypt Series

The African and Religion

African Origins: Western History 

Dr. Clarke and Dr. Ben - Philosophical Concept of Marcus Garvey and African Nationalism

Lecture on African American History and Culture

The Concept of Maat

Shallow Legacy: Ceremony Over Substance

Featured Topic: Riots

1917 Camp Logan Riot

The Houston Riot of 1917

The 1917 Mass Execution of Black Soldiers

Marion Indiana 1930 Lynching

The Harlem Hellfighters

The Negro Soldier

The Scottsboro Boys

The North Star Duluth Lynching

Bloody Island: The Race Riots of 1917

The Purge: "1917 East St. Louis Massacre"

Springfield Had No Shame (Part 1)

Springfield Had No Shame (Part 2)

Lynching of Will Brown

Invisible Soldiers of WWII

East St. Louis Massacre

Featured Topic: European Scholars

Akala at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Akala - Confronting EDL, Ms. Dynamite, Class & Self-hatred

Akala - Full Address and Q&A (Oxford Union)

Akala - "The lie we tell ourselves"

Robin Walker - When We Ruled

Robin Walker - The Moors and Medieval Africa

Robin Walker - Black Presence in Ancient Britain

Robin Walker - The Hidden Science of Ancient Kemet

Featured Topic: Santos Bonacci

Santos Bonnacci - Killah Priest LIVE

(runtime 2:21:05)

The Sacred Secret of the Christ Within

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