Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan

December 31, 1918 – March 19, 2015

Dr. Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan, affectionately known as “Dr. Ben” was born December 31, 1918, to a Puerto Rican mother and an Ethiopian father in what is known as the “Falasha” Hebrew community in Gondar, Ethiopia.

Dr. Ben’s formal education began in Puerto Rico. His early education continued in The Virgin Islands and in Brazil, where he attended elementary and secondary school. Dr. Ben earned a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico, and a Master’s degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Havana, Cuba. He received doctorial degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Moorish History, from the University of Havana and the University of Barcelona Spain.

Dr. Ben was an adjunct professor at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, for over a decade (1976–1987). He has written and published over forty-nine books and papers, revealing much of the information unearthed while he was in Egypt. Two of his better-known works include Black Man of the Nile and His Family and Africa: Mother of Major Western Religions.

In 1939, shortly after receiving his undergraduate degree, Dr. Ben’s father sent him to Egypt to study first hand the ancient history of African People. Since 1941, Dr. Ben has been to Egypt at least twice a year. He began leading educational tours to Egypt in 1946. When asked why he began the tours, he replied “because no one knew or cared about Egypt, and most believed Egypt was not in Africa.” According to Dr. Ben, Egypt is the place to go to learn the fundamentals of living. Over five decades have passed and Dr. Ben, a preeminent scholar, and Egyptologist, remains focused on Nile Valley Civilization.

Dr. Ben is a 360° Mason of The Craft.

The Nile Valley Civilization and the Spread of African Culture

Originally published: March 6–8, 1986
A Chronology of the Bible, Challenge to the Standard Version

Originally published: 1973
The African Called Rameses (“The Great“) II

Published: 1989
The Black Man’s Religion

Published: 1973
Black Man of the Nile and His Family

Published: 1985
In Pursuit of George G.M. James’ Study of African Origins in “Western Civilizations“

Published: 1986
We, the Sons and Daughters of Africa

Published: 1984
Our Black Seminarians and Black Clergy Without a Black Theology

Published: 1970
Africa: Mother of Western Civilization

Published: 1971
African Historical Religions: A Conceptual and Ethical Foundation for Western Religions

Published: 1984
The Saga of the “Black Marxists“ versus the “Black Nationalists“

Published: 1978
Afrikans Origins of the Major World Religions

Published: 1970


Dr. Yosef A.A. Ben-Jochannan – Christianity’s Afrikan Roots




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