Dr. Phillip True
Dr. Phillip True


Brhombicosidodecahedron consists of a group of historians, computer scientists and entrepreneurs, who formed a business partnership focusing on the missing pages of history, specifically African history.

This was done in an effort to restore and preserve this information for current and future generations in a format that is easily accessible, yet also provides an environment that creates interest in future technologies that will be needed if we are going to be involved in securing the future. In the future, “DATA WILL BE KING.”


The missing history of African people is the key to everything our civilization is based upon. Let us understand one thing clearly. No one would take the time & resources to omit & alter your history from all educational, religious & other places of learning if it wasn’t valuable.

We’re all about restoring the hidden & missing information which for over 2000 years has been unavailable.
Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

“Black people are afraid, but Black people are going to have to get over their fear. Black people do not know what is happening, but Black people are going to have to learn and understand what is happening.“

– Francis Cress Welsing
Enjoy the documentaries, interviews, exclusives and missing pieces of African and African American history, as told by some of our greatest scholars.

Featured Topic: The Works of Dr. John Henrik Clarke

The Impact of Zionism (1993)

Dr. John Henrik Clarke on African Origin of Christianity 

Ancient Africa’s Golden Times

The Zulus and Their Struggle for Southern Africa

The Main Thing African Lost During Slavery

Featured Topic: The Works of Ivan Van Sertima

Little Known African Achievements

Ancient High Science, The Golden Age

African History in America before Columbus

Featured Topic: The Works of Runoko Rashidi

Hapi and Runoko Rashidi: Presence in Ancient America

Hapi and Runoko Rashidi: Presence in Early Europe

African Presence in Latin America

Dr. Runoko Rashidi: The African Presence in Early Europe and Asia

The African Foundations of Civilization

Featured Topic: The Works of Dr. Yosef A. A. Ben-Jochannan

African Origins: Western History 

Dr. Clarke and Dr. Ben – Philosophical Concept of Marcus Garvey and African Nationalism

Lecture on African American History and Culture

Shallow Legacy: Ceremony Over Substance

Christopher Columbus (Cristobal Colon)

Featured Topic: Riots

The 1917 Mass Execution of Black Soldiers

The North Star Duluth Lynching

Bloody Island: The Race Riots of 1917

Tulsa’s Black Wall Street Massacre

The Purge: “1917 East St. Louis Massacre”

Springfield Had No Shame (Part 1)

East St. Louis Massacre | Living St. Louis | 2008

Featured Topic: European Scholars

Akala at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Akala – Confronting EDL, Ms. Dynamite, Class & Self-hatred

Akala – Full Address and Q&A (Oxford Union)

Akala – “The lie we tell ourselves”

Robin Walker – When We Ruled

Robin Walker – Exposing Hidden African History

Robin Walker – Black Presence in Ancient Britain

Robin Walker – The Hidden Science of Ancient Kemet

Robin Walker – The Moors and Medieval Africa

Featured Topic: Professor William Mackey Jr.

Introduction to Slavery in World History

The Geopolitical History of the Bible (Part 1)

The Geopolitical History of the Bible (Part 2)

The Geopolitical History of the Bible (Part 3)

Who Participated in Slavery by Other Names Land Use in Africa and Europe

The History and Betrayal of the NAACP

Featured Topic: Santos Bonacci

Know Thyself – Part 2 (Continued)

Freemasonry, Initiation, Illumination, Chakras, Illuminati, Revelation, & Allegory

Your Soul is “Owned” By The Vatican

The Lamb of God – Syncretism

As Above So Below – Part 1

As Above So Below – Part 2

The Sacred Secret of the Christ Within

The Ancient Theology Occult Science 

Featured Topic: Ashra Kwesi

Bible Stole Everything From Kemet

The Origin of Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus

Reclaiming The Afrikan Genius: A Conversation With Ashra and Merira Kwesi

The Plagiarism of African Spiritual Concepts By Europeans

Ashra Kwesi Speaks on Rosetta Stone, the Medu Neter, and the Plunder of Kemet

Ashra Kwesi Speaks on Ancient Kushite Astronomy, Nabta Playa, and Tiya

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Featured Topic: Professor James Small

Made in America: The History of Racism

Black Knowledge, Wisdom, and Overstanding

Why do we allow ourselves to be defined by others?

F.D.S. #147 – African Spirituality & Hebrew Israelite

Let’s Get Back to Our African Indigenous Systems

The African Roots of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

HAPI Talks with Prof. James Small About Ecology and Culture

Liberation that ‘Conscious’ People Must Understand

Understanding Traditional African Systems

Examining “The Religion of White Supremacy” (Part 1)

Examining “The Religion of White Supremacy” (Part 2)

Examining “The Religion of White Supremacy” (Part 3)

Examining “The Religion of White Supremacy” (Part 4)

The History of Christianity in Ancient Africa

Featured Topic: Dr. Charles Finch

African Origins of Science and the Cosmic Shift

Imhotep and a Background on African Science

The Coming of Age of the Cosmic Ethiopian King

The Dogon (Primordial Permanence)

Kemetic Origin of Christianity

Featured Topic: The Dogon

Matthew Ronay: The Science of the Dogon

The Mysteries of the Dogon Tribe of Mali: Secrets of Ancient Cosmology

Mali Tribe in Dogon Valley With Traditional Masks

The Dogon Speak on Space Travel, Technology, and the 117 Year-Old Dogon

Dogon Tribe and the Sirius Mystery

The Architecture of the Dogon

Mali Music of the Dogon People

The Dogon Speak on Their Origins in Egypt and Black America Uniting

Featured Topic: Dr. Amos Wilson

Dr. John Henrik Clarke and Dr. Amos Wilson – Taking Back Our Minds

The Psychological Effects of Enslavement: Past to Present

Black Child Development Under White Supremacy

The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness

This Is Real Black Empowerment

Featured Topic: Jordan Maxwell

The Inner World of The Occult

History of the Free Masonic Order & the New World Order

Jordan Maxwell Sheds Light On The Real World

Keys to Understanding Hidden Symbols in the Bible

It’s Worse Than You Think!

Featured Topic: William Loren Katz

Early Presence of Blacks in New York

Featured Topic: Anthony Browder

Putting the African Back in to Black History

Correcting the Historical Record: OURstory vs. HIStory

Know Thy History, Know Thyself – Part 1

Know Thy History, Know Thyself – Part 2

Ancient Kemet, Christianity, and the ASA Restoration Project

Nubian Presence in Ancient Kemet

The African Origins of Judaism and Christianity

African Spirituality and Religion

Featured Topic: John G. Jackson

Destruction of Black Civilization

Introduction to African Civilization

Mhenga Chancellor Williams and Mhenga John G. Jackson

Afrikan Spirituality vs. Euro Religion




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