About Us

About Us

Brhombic was created by a group of historians, computer scientists and entrepreneurs, who formed a business partnership to focus on the missing pages of history; specifically African history, as the African Diaspora is comprised of African people whose descendants inhabit every country on the planet earth. Our aim is to share the knowledge of world-renowned scholars, as well as the largest database of well-documented research & data which reflects the rich cultural heritage and contributions of all people of color worldwide. We welcome and invite all perspectives to join in this endeavor. As we move to bring about a paradigm shift in the global community at-large, we will remain vigilant in providing access to an extraordinarily rare collection of the most scholarly contributions known to man. We are the collective consciousness of all humanity.

Our Mission

To provide access to a wealth of knowledge and information, inclusive of people of color worldwide, in order to restore a sense of value, belonging and connection to the global community at-large.

Our Vision

To be the leading scholarly, historical repository; housing the most comprehensive database of content, reflective of all people.




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